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When choosing a water softener for your house, it is important to consider buying a softener that best fits the needs of your house. Therefore, when choosing, take into considerations the specific needs in your home and you will be guaranteed to get the best.

Below are some tips on how to choose the best water softener system based on your house’s needs:

  1. Know the hardness level of the water that you are using in your house

The level of water hardness varies from one place to another. Therefore, you will need to know the level of hardness for the water that you are using so as to choose a system that will correctly soften the water for you.

The only time that you can rely on the results from your neighbors is if you use water from the same water supply. However, if the supply is different you should carry out a water hardness test of your water to determine the grains per gallon (GPG).  The GPG is given on a scale of 0 to 10.

To measure the hardness of your water, you will require a Water hardness test kit. But if you don’t have one, you can use the soap test.

  1. The space available for the water softener system

Different water systems come in different sizes and you will have to have a rough estimate of the area where you want to fit the system so that you can choose a system that will perfectly fit in. if you don’t have a lot of space, you should consider going to a small water softening system.

If the system becomes larger than the space you intended for it, you may be forced to create some more room or even construct an area for it.

However, you can easily get any size of water softener system that you wish. There is a wide variety of water softeners available for UK citizens. Go check out the top systems from the before mentioned link and select the one that meets your needs.

  1. Amount of water used in your house

You should take into consideration the heist amount of water you use in a day and find a water softener that will comfortably supply that amount of water within the shortest time possible.

Water softener systems are normally calibrated in Gallons per minute (GPM) which shows the number of softened water gallons you can expect the system to produce per minute. If you

The usage of water in your house is normally determined by the number of people living there. Therefore, the larger the family, the more the GPM you should look for in a water softening system.

  1. The regeneration setting of the system

Water softener regeneration is another thing that you have to consider. There are two types of regeneration setting: metered and timed out.

Regeneration in metered water softener systems takes place after a set amount of water has passed through the system. On the other hand, for the timed out systems, regeneration takes place after a number of days depending on your prognosis on the amount of water you use.

If the number of people living in the house is few or you are mostly out of your home for a long time, it is best to use a timed water softener system since it will only regenerate when the set water goes through it no matter how long it takes for the set value to be reached. If you use the timed out system, your system will regenerate even if you do not use the set water since it depends on time.


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Your drawing room will give the guests the idea about your creativity and hospitality too. Have you always wanted to experiment with how your drawing room looks? But always canceled thinking of how would it turn out to be? Or you are always short on time.

Well, you can start by using your imagination and creativity. Here are four drawing room décor ideas that are cheap and easy. These won’t take much time to finish and if you don’t like the idea then you can easily switch to another experiment.

  1. Hexagon Shelf – You will need Popsicle sticks, glue and a measuring scale for making this eye-catching art piece. Arrange and glue each Popsicle sticks at the corners to create a hexagonal shelf. You can use the measurement scale for perfection. You can apply wood paint for the shine and color. It could be used to put air plants, books or small artifacts.


  1. Musical Wall – Remember your favorite song? Frame the musical notes and lyrics to create an awesome home décor piece. If you share a love song with your partner then you can use that song. All you need is a print copy of the musical notes and a frame. This frame could be hanged on the wall. It will endorse your love for music. Additionally, it will give you a nostalgic feeling to your loved ones when they are hanging at your place.


  1. Teacup Candles – You will need old teacup and wax for creating this charming candle. Melt the wax and fill it in the old teacup. You may choose the design of the cup depending on the mood. Or it could be matching with the aura of your drawing room. Either one or more, lit these teacup candles to create a mesmerizing moment. Creating this piece won’t take much efforts and time.


  1. Musical Wall hangings – This again relates to your taste in music. If you own any old music instrument like a guitar or violin then it could be used as a wall hanging. Make sure they are not broken. Hang these on the wall using nails or the ceiling to create amazing wall art. You can use multiple instruments also. Guests will love the simple conceptual home décor idea. By this, you don’t have to throw away the memorable musical instrument from your teenage days.


Your drawing room must give an impression of your personality and style. You can experiment with the ideas as your vibrant personality. And you can add or remove these simple hacks as per your convenience.